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Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Post

I've only had about 6 beers so far, so this post won't be very good.  Let's talk about homeless people in the US.  The whole system is completely broke.  This should be a government issue.  The homeless should not have to beg for money.  I know, I know, but hear me out.

Yes, many homeless are drug addicts and/or alcoholics.  Others that I see seem to be schizophrenic or have another psychological or mental defect.  And OK, I'll accept that some are just lazy.  But let's pretend the majority are in the first two categories.  These are health problems! If you are for the legalisation of drugs, then you must agree that addiction is a health issue and not a legal issue.

So donating money to a drug addict will only support their habit.  They will have no chance of getting their act together.  Giving money to a schizo, well, I don't know what they do with it, but we can all agree they need help.

The government needs to give these people addresses, even if they are at a big government office.  They need phone numbers.  They can all use the same number and pay an intern to take down messages.  They need to provide a place to shower and borrow nice clothes.  With an address, phone number, and clean clothes, they have a chance at a job.  The homeless can use this service instead of bugging you for change.  They could get a job and never beg again.

Now, for you fascists who say "I don't want to pay for other people!".  You do it everyday.  You paid for a whole lot of people in the financial industry.  You pay for soldiers in the desert fighting a war you probably don't agree with.  What I am proposing would be much cheaper than both these.

Finally, if you still want to go with the idea that some of the homeless are simply lazy with no other problems... Well, they will continue to be lazy and not get involved in my proposed program.  That works out for you as well because then, you will be able to be a dick to the remaining beggars without any regret.


  1. nice blog layout dude, hope to see more posts you got some writing skills

  2. i completely agree...keep up the solid posts

  3. Great first post. Keep it up man.

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