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Friday, December 3, 2010

Here are some pictures of dogs jumping!

These dogs were talking shit saying they could jump higher than me. Stupid dogs! I am much taller and win by default.

This dog thinks he is the cock of the walk with his fancy pants haircut. Your haircut has too much wind resistance to jump you dumb dog!

 This dog lives on a farm in Chicago. He is a racist, but one helluva jumper!

 This dog knocked up my sister, but she got an abortion. They are both going to hell.

This is a painting my uncle did of a dog known as the "Cock Throddler". He hunted them in the caves of Florida.

This dog can jump higher than all of you! u jelly?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here's some funny pictures of old people!

These are some sorta asians. Look at them! They are old!

Look at this old lady! I dunno even know what race she is cuz she's so old, but she has a tiara!

This old person took a pic with her son! Look at it!

This old man is broke as shit!

This silver fox just robbed someone!

This old motherfucker gets all the bitches!

This old-ass grandma is a dirty little whore!

Old people, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Sarah Pailin, GO FUCK YA-SELF!